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by Keith WildChild Middleton

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Miho This album "TRANSITIONS" is his life.
There are lots of love,joy,sadness and happiness in his album.
I can feel to live when I listen to his songs. His rhythm is very powerful,soulful
and wonderful!!
Wish lots of people listen to his music then feel to his deeply rhythm.
Keith WildChild Middleton is the BEST for me forever!!! Favorite track: FeelsGood ft. Double R.
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02:30 video


This is my Labor of love. It is my joy, my pain, my triumphs, my mistakes and failures. In the same breath, it is my strength and weakness. A look at Keith WildChild Middleton. This would have never come to pass had it not been for my car wreck on Jan 15th 2008.
Carpe Diem, we're not promised tomorrow. I am thankful for my second chance in life and grateful to those that Love and support me and each other.


released October 24, 2014

Thank you
To the Higher Power for everything.
Mom n Dad, Kablisk n Teenie for family love, encouragement and support.
Blitz n GMS for uncanny alliance n growth since diapers u're my Bothers in life n Rhyme "HYDRA" 4Evuh!!
Clarence n Pepe "when I grow up I wanna be like you guys"
Qaasim, Khalil n Makai for constant motivation. Toni, Grandma, "is this a recording"..My brotha Stan Kammimoto, Luke n Steve n Papa Bear RF for STOMP!!!, Ayumi San for that push, Komukai San, Ayako San, Asami San , J-Wave, JCrowd, Amazzon, Kappa "my brotha", Reuben "Ol Bean", Christian, Lenny Yo Ox! Dbl R, Kennedy, Jonathan, Ryan, Miki, Keith W, Mike, Joe, Davi, Marivaldo, Dende, Francois, Querida, Lauren, Spock, Erick, Queena, Chris C, Brother Brad, Dezmond, Camille "Mamabird", Fritz"fB", Fernanda, Nabiyah, Priscilla, Stephanie for unwavering encouragement, Kirk Spahn n Mikkel Erikson for friendship, support n craziness. My co-pilots Dan Weiner n Tim Friesen for your ears, talent, friendship n candor. My engineer fam Mike D, Brent Kiwi, Johnny Z, Tariq K, and AJ for wrapping it all up nice. This album is dedicated to all that donated time and energy, love and support, financing, inspiration and the push when I was exhausted, I love you all.
Jan 15th 2008 12:34pm is when I woke up.


all rights reserved



Keith WildChild Middleton Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: B.M.F
by Keith Middleton

Pleased to meet you, my names Keith
I'm a poet, I make beats
and I'm feeling the urge to lay it down on you like I do
on a verse, yeah
here's my number, if u have some time
I'm performing, tonight at 9
bring your man, cuz I don't mind
he can watch me watching you
watching me and what I do
and I does it well
brother from brooklyn bout to rock your bells, yeah
when its over send him home
hell understand y he's alone
is that bad, don't worry I will pay for his cab.

I'm a lover, I'm a fighter,I'm scholar, I'm a writer
I'm a puppy, I'm a tiger, I'm a virgin
I'm a turn you out
I'm a hustler, I'm a victim
I'm a walking contradiction
I'm a baby, father, hubby, uncle, brother
I'm a bad Muthuh For Ya!!!

I can't sing though ahahaha
Track Name: Supreme
by Keith Middleton

Some one once said that its better to have loved and lost, than to not have loved at all, I don't know

(U will never find love to love u better than me, u never will)

And this other one That goes,
U never know how high Uve climbed Until u fall (gtr)

(You'll never find, you'll never find, boy you'll never find love)

Seems like the consensus condensed is we need to appreciate life's greatest gifts before its too late and we get heavens call

Land and space,space and time,time frame, frame of mind. mind and body, body and soul, soul searching searching to be whole
Be Hold (searching to be whole )
The mysteries of that four letter word as it unfolds

love is deep, love is light
love is dark, love is lite
love is love, love is like
love is loss, love is life
love divides, love unites
love collides, love ignites
lovers fight for love in spite
When love is left , Then love is right

love is true, love is kind,
love is cruel,love is blind
love is wild, love is free
love is u, lovin me
love is us, love is trust
If nothing else, then loves enough
love is up, love is down
when love is lost, then love is found

Love is good
Love is pure,
When love is sick then love is the cure
Love is real
Love's a dream
Love is ....SUPREME

If u lead me, I will follow
Highest mountain Deepest Sea
U relieved me of my sorrow
Now your love is all that I need
If u need me I will be there
Day or night or night or day
Just believe me and we'll see where
Love will take us
Take me away
Your loves Supreme
Track Name: That Kiss ft. Latoya Kennedy
When I'm with you, I feel so amazing
Your love's unreal, takes me, to another place
Don't stop, come on, so strong, I get so exited
mere words just can't explain what's in my heart


the fact is looking at this front or backwards, inside or outside, however it's

accessed, it all boils down to 2 words..That Kiss

It combines us, it defines us, it reminds us, it aligns us, it actually astrologically

zodiac signs us.

(and I love the way you kiss me)

Placing out legendary love amongst celestial neighbors,

west of Orion's Belt, South of Ursur Major where they'll find us, indulging in what started it all, that kiss..

Epic at best, skeptics can a test to all stories told as they unfold whilst gazing up at

our love twinkling there in the bed of night centuries old..

(kissing you, kissing you, kiss me)

Brazen and bold, emblazoned in gold, that kiss

Generating invigorating radiance, that kiss,

stimulating yet demonstrating patience, thats that kiss

Its so specific, so complex yet simplistic in any context

we are blessed that kiss is us and we are so gifted,


Your Kiss is all I need, (You give good lovin)

Just Like the air I breathe, (Keep it comin)

I need you next to me (let me tell you something)

You're all I need...

When I'm with you I feel, So Amazing

So much history in the myth of that kiss

So many mysteries n that misty joyous abyss of that kiss

we laugh in that kiss we cry in that kiss

(and I love the way you kiss me)

we live and we die by that kiss

we oooo in that kiss, we make love in that kiss

we talk for hours and hours

get lost and devoured in that kiss

get found in that kiss

feel joy in heaps in mounds, always making new leaps and bounds with that kiss

feel sadness without that kiss

real madness is that kiss

we make up with that kiss, we dream to wake up to that kiss

we romance with that kiss, our souls dance with that kiss, we hold hands with that kiss,

you make me feel like a man with that kiss

(kissing you, kissing you, kiss me)

we both understand that kiss is so unique, we need not speak of that


you give me strength with that kiss, you make me weak with that kiss


Your Kiss is all I need, (You give good lovin)

It's Like the air I breathe, (Keep it comin)

you are my destiny (let me tell you something)

You're all I need…kiss me baby, kiss me baby

Right Here (Here) There's a space for you

Right here (Here) Made a place for you

and don't you worry 'bout a thing I got you baby

(don't u worry bout a thing, )

I got you
Track Name: Brazilian Skies ft Camille Armstrong, Nabiyah Bashir
From across the dance floor I advanced towards this, for damn sure gorgeous

Indigenous Flawless Female

She, encapsulated beauty in such a way it captivated all that danced and

encompassed her abundant circumference admiring her every detail

it's as if, God had given her those hips for samba rhythms and those lips got me

driven to the point where, the language barrier was not an obstacle

(vo ci falla portuguese)

we can make that possible and the smile up on her face said she loved challenges,

and I've never backed down from anything despite disadvantages..


It is not clear what you're saying to me, nor is it clear what I'm saying to you,

but what is clear is love, under Brazilian skies..

'though we're from different parts of the world, you're still a boy and I'm still a girl

both speak the language of love, under Brazilian skies..

The night continued on with dizzy dancing, kissing romancing, smiles and laughter

caught up in love's rhythmic rapture, cured up with this new found chapter..

laying on the beach hand in hand, toes digging in Brazilian sand

gazing up into God's beautiful black blanket up so high, feeling so hi

counting clusters of sparkling stars, wondering how we fit in the master plan and y,

waving to Venus as she waves back blowing us both kisses with joyful tears in her eyes...

for the 2 souls finally finding that fundamental language here.. No lind ceo Brasilero (yes, under Brazilian Skies)


It is not clear what you're saying to me, nor is it clear what I'm saying to you,

but what is clear is love, under Brazilian skies..

'though we're from different parts of the world, you're still a boy and I'm still a girl

both speak the language of love, under Brazilian skies..

there's no space or time
(there's no space or time)

there's no space or time
(there's no space or time)

there's no space or time
when your hands in mine
there's just u and I
Under Brazilian skies
Track Name: FeelsGood ft. Double R

Summer breeze feels good
autumn leaves feels good
when at ease we should, feel good real good
sharing laughs feels good
bubble baths feels good
looking back we should
feel good real good

waking up mornings to your smile
making you cornbread grits and eggs, scrambled style
taking trips to exotic tropical isles
feel good, real good

inside jokes bout other folks
shared aspirations, dreams and hopes
Langston, Maya and Gil Scott quotes, feel good, real good

my two sons filling those shoes
helping and guiding them with rules and clues
knowing their mom and our families won't let them loose
feels good, real good

slipping time sipping wine
silly games like what's that movie line
you in the audience while I'm on stage kickn my rhymesz
feel good, real good

giving u my shoulder to rest your head
helping me dry and twist my dreadzs
soft kiss goodnight b4 goin to bed
feels good real good

falling asleep with the tv on
knowing how good u've got it b4 its gone
making love from dusk till dawn feels good real good

learning and loving u all this while
knowing we've travelled so many miles
watching your tummy grow as u carried our child
feels good real good

summer breeze feels good
autumn leaves feels good
when at ease we should
feel good real good
sharing laughs feels good
bubble baths feels good
looking back we should feel good real good
Track Name: HYDRA - Here I Go Again ft. HYDRA, Ace Digital
Here I Go Again, Round and Round
She makes my Whole World Spin
Now I can Ride The Win
Reach out and Touch The Clouds
She Turns Me Out With Out a Doubt.


Yeah, yeah, You know I like that whisper, shhhhhhhh
Tongue writing penmanship round my licorice
I'm ticklish, Yeah on that spot
How'd you do that girl you got me so hot
Baby don't stop, nah don't stop
Twirl and swirl like a, like a blow pop
Set it off, then I'm'a do,
all those freaky little things that I promised you
Yeah I promise to, pay homage to
and peel and squeeze you like an orange do
Get all the juice, get into it
then get intimate and hit you with that wicked stick
Now grab my dreadlocks, Get a handful
grit your teeth, look me in my eyes and tell me i'm the man,Boo
with Superman maneuvers and
better hold tight 'cause the flow breaks the Hoover Dam



Listen. ma i know you're down for whatever
so I'm down for wherever
and the thought of us getting caught only makes it more better
its sorta like a sport how we score in the clutch
we in the park after dark playing two hand touch
and after i capture your flag / its back to the lab
sweating out your tracks listening to this track that i have
so ma start packing your bags and just hop in the whip
I tell her we going island hopping and she hops on the stick. shift, to the G4 where we sipping Moet
and getting her mile high card only got her mo' wet
you gotta respect the kid he's slightly out of your reach
getting out of this world sex laying out on the beach
it's Krieg.  

Said we're gonna go
All Night Long
All night long
We're gonna go
All Night Long
twist your back out baby, you know my sex is crazy
No if ands or maybes
you know i got you Baby


Now how'd we end up in this same predicament again?
Lost in your lips like Vanilla mixed with Cinnamin
Just when I think I'm out - You pull me in again,
It's scary when I know I'm SO ready to sin again,
Pay you a visit, but this is too exquisite,
Passionate kisses, pretending that it's real, but we know it isn't
Antici ... pation, heightens the fantasy,
Tellin' me on the phone you can't wait to get your hands on me,
Silent screams - face twisted like your feeling pain,
I play it off, but deep inside I feel the same,
So grip the sheets, or better yet hold onto me,
Cause when the volcano erupts it's where you wanna be


All Night Long, All night Looooong
Track Name: Transitions
A passage from one form, style, subject or place to another. I'd hoped we'd both have clean slates when we made our transitions towards each other & when I let u discover that I

love you

I tried my best which is all that I know
I gave u my all & I let it flow
prayed to the most high to swing down low to carry us in his chariot just to let it show that I

love you

now I'm at a stalemate, damned if I do or don't there's no fail safe
and I haven't felt safe or even in first place
and I wasn't prepared for this worst case when I told u that I

love you

when in love u can't help but convey
actions speak louder than words is what they say
and my actions broke barriers of sound
spoke in volumes u never asked me to turn down
your face so profound when I said I

love you

couldn't put my finger on it
wrap my mind around it, had to linger on it, took my time and found it
we weren't as grounded as I thought we were
what u led me to believe and see was just a blur
but its been a blessing
to be able to communicate with u without any stressing
but matters of the heart I'm guessing were matters that were too dark or too hard to be confessing or both or more
especially towards me who's all about addressing it the core
thought by pressing we'd endure
simply suggesting we explore
had u building walls and closing doors

love you

I know what u like, I've got what u need and whenever u want it baby girl its garaunteed
u won't have to worry, my loves always here, just make a wish and baby girl I shall appear

love you

those were the words I'd whisper in your ear
before it all turned & I wish we weren't here
but whatever He did it prevented u to hear no matter how loud or how clear whenever I said that I

love you

days grew short while nights grew long
tried everything but treat u wrong
so if by now u r hearing this song then by now u probably notice I'm gone.
Track Name: SupaStahh ft Ryan Pinkston
They go Oooh and Ahhh when I reach for my car
Cuz Im a SupaStar

I've got a way with wayward words
Kind of flagrant with those verbs
But its flava when its served
To seduce u

Kind of famous so uve heard
Not your favorite or preferred
Its ok im not concerned with what ure used to

But out of all the girls, throughout all of this world
She wouldnt give me the time of day leavin me with nothing to say

Left me speachless in my tracks
So I'll speak this on this track
when the speakers speak it back
you'll hear me try to speak it into...


Cause I'd rather be with u my dear, right here right now
So I'll speak it into
Dont be mad at me, I promise u some day some way, some how

I'm, gonna get u, I, I'm gonna get u,
I'm, gonna get u
Gonna get u, gonna make u my baby.

Cuz I'm a shooting star, I was a suped up star


7 days she made we weak
2 daized to even speak
Tueday had two left feet
Must be trippin

Be a maze to even reach
Be amazed to even reach
B, she may seem hard to reach
it's 'cause I'm slippin

Now if u (see me fall)
Then u have (seen it all )
(Take it from the one who thought love, was something only fools just spoke of)

 Ask for change expect some cents
What was strange once now makes sense
Never in vain now ever since
I strive to speak it into


And here u are, my wildest dream
This SupaStahh's, not what he seems
I've read my scars, n what they mean
The one I want
does not want me

And here u are, my wildest dream
Your SupaStahh's, not what he seems
I've read my scars, n what they mean
The one I Love
does not Love me

Falling falling falling falling

Ever Falling, ever falling

look at me
I'm a fraud
look at me shining star still ignored
brand new gear all store bought
look at me
been around the block and abroad and still aint got shit to show for it
look at me
pretending to be pragamtic possibly paranoid its all white noise and static
possibility of becoming exposed becoming problematic
probability is mathematic
it's just a matter of time
I'm saying, just look at it
look at me
still flippin words like gymnastics
like my tongue tatics fantastic with forward and backward tucks,
flowing like aqueducts, trying to mask hurts and how I secretly believe my rappin sucks

I should just write for the real me who conceals the pain and fear and insecurities that plagues my being
inside and out
I may look altogether but I'm just a shell hollow inside and outsmarting those who think they know cuz I'm from the same cloth or path or route
look at me
To her
I'm apparently transparent

look who i've become
hiding deciding I seem stronger if i rep where I'm from
I say it as though it's my first and last name
my claim to reputable fame
maybe the louder I get the prouder I may feel
but it aint where u from its where u at
and where Im at is this dark space this unlit space void of energy
avoiding synergy to enter me and that's what's real
Look at me
When i focus, I notice whatever my Prognosis, it usually results With
Self diagnosis and just when I think I'm closest to close this a new turmoiltulous opus opens at its solstice
Vicious cycle
 Makes me hopeless
Half battered haphazard
I Laugh at it always played
Charismatic n precocious
Defense mechanisms methodically pragmatic n ferocious
I have issues with closeness
My biological broke this
He Bounced before I could walk
And by the time I could talk I only knew him as that wino my grandparents would help out from time to time yo whenever I came over on weekends because he was homeless
Didn't kno I came from him till I was about 8 or 9
 and I'd only seen him a few times 
and by 12 I remember he gave me a dollar I hv yet to spend
I held on to it until I lost it
Saw him at my grandfathers funeral where I felt ostracized because I was young n dumb n took for granted my grandfather would always be there for life, by my side
So my phone calls and visits to him had been far n few between n I almost screamed n made a scene when they told me he asked for me from his deathbed.
Please find Keith,he said.  till this day it still fks with my head
Biological contacted me 6 yrs later From some institution
Said he saw me on tv, said he was proud, it was so confusing
and then he said I hope u dont hate me,
I told him nah,
i asked him if I had any siblings,
he said nah Keith, I just made you baby. 
we exchanged pleasantries and ended our flow, that was about
16 yrs ago
Look at my
my empty nest is left
a filthy mess
lined with lost souls I have collected in vain
designed to insulate.
cold and pure pain pumping thru my veins
a lost soul guiding others to my cross roads which I myself refuse to venture. I just rest here patiently waitng procrastinating decision making
a coward in a hero's guise
I cower under hero's pride
pretending my power is to protect and guide
instead its a dude in a rented suit spittin hollow truths and empty lies
To summarize
I make an effort some of the time to get up and look down the road a stretch
stretching my neck peering at the roads right and left where they connect
But now I just point in the direction frontn like my direction will provide protection secretly jealousy admiring their own foolish bravery thinking I'm saving them instead they are saving me
showing me I too can climb if I lead with my heart when I free my mind
its painful to pronounce
too painful to even print out
but if I am to change I must refrain from the same mundane game
like I front like I know what the fk I'm talkn bout 
look at me
Stupid Star
Track Name: Speed of Life
we r one, under God's sun
indivisible, indispensable, invincible, in principle, intentional, intense and full
of love, light and laughter
loss and lessons of life worth living and the hear after
after the chapter
after the capture and enwrapped in the rapture
the straight and narrow path to what man lacks and can never manufacture
The Benefactor was Eve and Adam's fracture
bearing the weight of the forbidden fruits wrath to
facing all fates
pushing forward towards the hidden truths because we have to, backwards in fact is never a factor
moving at the speed of life....
Sonically we adapt to the
Ominous, Omnivorous, Omnipresent, Omnifarious, Omniscient,Omnipotent, Omniparous
Here before us, Here before us, Hear the chorus, we're enormous
we're Joyous,we enjoy us and then join us
we two are one, Under God's sun in unison we have sung with the
in unison we have come to the
traveling at the speed of life
Track Name: Groan In Sexii ft Double R

Can't get enough of, your precious lovin

Its all I think of when, you're not around me babe

you're the one I crave, everyday

long for your touch and sexii seduction,

dirty discussion wanna share something babe

(wanna share something with you baby)

I wanna misbehave, in every way

We're both grown and sexy
put the groan in sexii
make u moan if u let me, if only u let me
roam, if I'm set free
I won't miss a step see, I zone in the moment and own it and yes we
completely, discreetly speak a language between the sheets we,
speak that body language in the streets we
understand how I can read u and u can reach me with
only half a glance then its happenstance soon as we
have the chance to have this dance u can teach me
your tango
while u feed me kiwi peaches and mangos from every angle
get intwined, enthralled and entangled
and I don't mind at all when u call out to Osirus Zeus Aphrodite, and Chango
we channel them
through our twists and turns
our trysts in turn create wrists that burn from grips that's tight and firm
from 4word play to word play to 4 play which is all day to role play to letting our souls say who controls the sway
this way we're equals in all ways..
but tonight you're mine and surprises are my 4tay...


Can't get enough of, your precious lovin

Its all I think of when youre not around me babe

you're the one I crave, everyday

long for your touch and sexii seduction,

dirty discussion wanna share something babe

(you're late)

I wanna misbehave, in every way

u've been naughty again might have to scold ya, completely unclothe u now I'll blind fold'ya
shhhh u shouldve done what I told'ya
now follow my voice and keep cummin closer
take smaller steps
in this direction
you're holding your breath
here's a suggestion
relax your mind and let your conscious be free
ease back recline give your body to me
smell, taste, hearing, touch
u only need these 4 senses for our lil game of trust
I have oil and feathers candles and leather
music, ice, incense and oh ,that's to make it flow better
with me u should kno better
take this for granted I wont ever
arriving late on purpose, ure so clever
I feel no pressure its so easy with you in every measure
one mans loss is another mans treasure
and I'm so glad we've come across what we thought might be losed forever
together our attitudes are like now or never
and that powers our endeavors
providing hours of pleasure
can u handle hours of pleasure
now place your hands behind your back
yeah just like that

let me know if it's too tight ok.....u ready......
Track Name: Majestic
Every single Day

Better not take life for Granted, Better live it like He planned it, Better treat her right and tell her everyday(every dayyyy)

Something about the way u say my name
(my name)

I get these Butterflies up inside the way u look at me just b4 those sultry lips change
( Butterflies, oohhh change)

to formulate that word that was bestowed upon this infant that instance I came into this world
(Say my name)

Say it again baby
(Say my name)

See you make it sound Majestic as if i were a king from a distant land that arrived unexpected to kiss your hand

and those eyes, those beautiful eyes reveal even more, reflective and sure, perspective is pure and earnest

and i constantly find myself concerned with whether or not
I deserve this kingly service

in part, my heart is conflicted,

i feel as though I'm addicted to this royal treatment you've inflicted, insisted that i chillax and sit back

no matter how hard i resisted you persisted telling me shhh baby I gotchyou, 4get it
(Just relax)

The other part of my heart is pumping to tell me something like

this is a once in a lifetime groove and to treat her right or your Queen you'll loose

and end up with nothing so stop fronting and choose

but sometimes baby, you seem too good to be true


so in the end my friends, to me she conveys in so many words and in so many ways that u get what u give so live how u love and love how u live or try before the love of your life is out of your life and your life passes u by because b4 u kno it... It can all be over in the blink of an eye..
Track Name: Ode To The Damsel I Have Distressed ft. Jonathan Hoard
Why do you haunt me, I want you to want me
How could I let you go, out of my life
Why did I let you

I've tried to keep my mind occupied. I've tried. I've Been workin it over time and over time and it's only wearing me down inside and its only tearing me down in size. Each second that goes by is more unbearable than the last . Hard to breathe with ease as I have achieved in the past.
I'm Tired of tossing and turning my tear ducts teared out.I feel as if my heart has been torn out u have left me completely worn out and still I miss u.
And I I kno u miss it cuz I miss it
we loved it, we lived it,
we saw it we bought it, we did it,
we were committed till it shattered.
I guess the truth of the matter was only my truth mattered

I'm so torn up over u
I sit back n listen to our songs our soundtrack to our epic love noir poem that went wrong
I've watched and remembered every scene and every frame by illicit frame.
The action the drama the romance the comedy the irony of our tragic end and say wow we almost made it then
I replay it, everything and cut it off just before the break up
those scenes brings tears to my eyes
pain to my heart
ache in my bones
sorrow wells inside
I can't stand that ending
I wish we could rewrite it and shoot it
and substitute for this now reality which quite honestly bothers me
cuz I'm (mad at this) protagonist
everyone knows he (has to kiss )the damsel in distress (after his) rescuing her from being
(damn to this) that life she once (had with this) hazardous arch nemesis who's treatment
of her was scandalous, the protagonist ran from this madness.
That's what his disastrous answer is
Every one knows except for him, the hero who wound up with zero nada zilch
nothing but pain from heartache and guilt for not sticking to his guns and not forsaking her for anyone
and for not taking her off into the sun as it set
instead he retreats in regret remorse he cannot reset and keep in check.
that's why I hate this ending.
I wonder if you watch it, I wonder if u listen to the soundtrack,
I wonder if you laugh or cry live and die with the hero and the damsel
I wonder if u watch them move forward towards tragedy screaming at the screen or do u pause it so that they stand still and if u pause it do u smile does a tear slide down your cheek all the while your heart leaks hope and optimism
do u think that villainous marshall murphy and his laws are out to get them
do u have any ideas on how to rewrite this script
i'd love to collaborate and elaborate with u on it
on all that was great and at the end make it so the 2 won't have to wait they will be living in a grander state of bliss and off they go off into the sunset on a Harley, him smiling cause he finally got his wish which is her and she him and they too finally get their kiss
Track Name: ComeCloser Ft. Ryan Pinkston, Lauren Molina
Can I make u, my queen for the night,
Seems he aint treatn u right,
It would be my delight,

Can i take u oooohhhuh, off to paradise,
get prepared for the  flight
Are u scared of heights, 

Can i wake u, with a sweet surprise,
Right between your thighs,
Make u scream and cry,

The things i could do to u

Hold on tight its a bumpy ride,
Dont let go till you're satisfied..

I wanna totally blow your mind

I can get u in the mood baby
For Interludes in the nude lady

But u keep tellin me u
Ha ha ha hav have to go
I dont believe u really
Ha ha ha have have to go

Your body says yes, your mind says no,
Your Heart confessed
U love our flow

But u keep tellin me u 
Ha ha ha have have to go

Come closer Miss,
 come get another dose of this explosive ferociousness

we both can grab a hold of it
but there's no controlling this
since we both kiss
with so much emotion we become motionless,

we just float in this
open bliss, high above all who can only hope for this, 

suspended yet cemented to each other and even still independent of one another, 
I'm so convinced
all outside our circumference
won't exist.
 you and I at the helm exploring our own realm eye to eye,hand in hand 
woman and man heart to heart, beating in time as one is where our focus is

we share the same cloth woven by the same thread as if we were chose for this as if we were bread to lead lost loves out of their hopelessness, ,
as moses did

with an openness as deep and wide as the ocean is
so, come closer miss
and savor the flava its so intense

take your time you'll never find a one of a kind 
groove like mine as pleasurebly slow as this 
but by all means please feel free to feel the groove, listen to the smooth croon of this vocalist

let this combination fill u up with inspiration and motivation creative participation as you move to this

slowly move to this

and as we move to this 

you and I find peace of mind as we climb ever so high reaching bending grinding transcending twisting intertwining ascending then descending 
embracing what a true tantric moment is

the things i would do to u
Hold on tight its a bumpy ride, dont let go till your satisfied...

I wanna totally blow your mind
I can get u in the mood baby, for interludes in the nude lady

But u keep telling me u
Ha ha ha have have to go
I dont believe u really
Ha ha ha have to go

Your body says yes, your mind says no
Your heart confessed, you love our flow
But u keep telling me
Ha ha ha have to go......

Why u gotta go, baby
Track Name: Easy ft. Nuf Said (Bonus Track)
We smitten pre written prophecy
Sweet kitten hes hitten shes twitchn keep mixin deep fittn got to be
The best ever, sex ever, epic odyssey
Past or present, passionate sessions, magnificent magnified mad infinite, lasting lessons, without asking questions, smoke and mirrors, masking directions, collapse in her lap as I lapse in her essence climax is miraculous my neck and my back in this, effortlessly effervesent immaculate connection, masters of deception, disaster if we're stressin cuz thats the catylyst for our last indiscretion, Steppin over Transgressions we cant let this go, ignorance is a blessing and we cant let them know
at the same functions we can let it show, flys on the wall eyes on us all wanna see us both climb then wanna see from how hi we gon fall underdog with hog J Lin with the ball This goes out to all of yall
when u kno that is wrong but the feelings r strong it was etched in stone and
revealed in songs
never kno what u got till what ya got gets gone
be ez

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