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HYDRA - Here I Go Again ft. HYDRA, Ace Digital

from by Keith WildChild Middleton

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Here I Go Again, Round and Round
She makes my Whole World Spin
Now I can Ride The Win
Reach out and Touch The Clouds
She Turns Me Out With Out a Doubt.


Yeah, yeah, You know I like that whisper, shhhhhhhh
Tongue writing penmanship round my licorice
I'm ticklish, Yeah on that spot
How'd you do that girl you got me so hot
Baby don't stop, nah don't stop
Twirl and swirl like a, like a blow pop
Set it off, then I'm'a do,
all those freaky little things that I promised you
Yeah I promise to, pay homage to
and peel and squeeze you like an orange do
Get all the juice, get into it
then get intimate and hit you with that wicked stick
Now grab my dreadlocks, Get a handful
grit your teeth, look me in my eyes and tell me i'm the man,Boo
with Superman maneuvers and
better hold tight 'cause the flow breaks the Hoover Dam



Listen. ma i know you're down for whatever
so I'm down for wherever
and the thought of us getting caught only makes it more better
its sorta like a sport how we score in the clutch
we in the park after dark playing two hand touch
and after i capture your flag / its back to the lab
sweating out your tracks listening to this track that i have
so ma start packing your bags and just hop in the whip
I tell her we going island hopping and she hops on the stick. shift, to the G4 where we sipping Moet
and getting her mile high card only got her mo' wet
you gotta respect the kid he's slightly out of your reach
getting out of this world sex laying out on the beach
it's Krieg.  

Said we're gonna go
All Night Long
All night long
We're gonna go
All Night Long
twist your back out baby, you know my sex is crazy
No if ands or maybes
you know i got you Baby


Now how'd we end up in this same predicament again?
Lost in your lips like Vanilla mixed with Cinnamin
Just when I think I'm out - You pull me in again,
It's scary when I know I'm SO ready to sin again,
Pay you a visit, but this is too exquisite,
Passionate kisses, pretending that it's real, but we know it isn't
Antici ... pation, heightens the fantasy,
Tellin' me on the phone you can't wait to get your hands on me,
Silent screams - face twisted like your feeling pain,
I play it off, but deep inside I feel the same,
So grip the sheets, or better yet hold onto me,
Cause when the volcano erupts it's where you wanna be


All Night Long, All night Looooong


from TRANSITIONS, released October 24, 2014
Vocals- Ace Digital

Keith "WildChild" Middleton, Rodney "LR Blitzkrieg" Willie, Graeme "GMS" Sibirsky

Keys-K.Middleton, Ace Digital

mixed- Frank "G" Guccione
Mastered- AJ Tissian



all rights reserved


Keith WildChild Middleton Brooklyn, New York

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