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SupaStahh ft Ryan Pinkston

from by Keith WildChild Middleton

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Took me well over a year to get enough courage to record it and actually finish the verse in the booth. I couldn't get through it no matter how hard I tried. I would have to step away from this one for months. These are issues that clearly affect me to this day. Now that I've recorded it, it's still hard to listen to but I'm happy it's done and I do feel a little better. We all have wounds.


They go Oooh and Ahhh when I reach for my car
Cuz Im a SupaStar

I've got a way with wayward words
Kind of flagrant with those verbs
But its flava when its served
To seduce u

Kind of famous so uve heard
Not your favorite or preferred
Its ok im not concerned with what ure used to

But out of all the girls, throughout all of this world
She wouldnt give me the time of day leavin me with nothing to say

Left me speachless in my tracks
So I'll speak this on this track
when the speakers speak it back
you'll hear me try to speak it into...


Cause I'd rather be with u my dear, right here right now
So I'll speak it into
Dont be mad at me, I promise u some day some way, some how

I'm, gonna get u, I, I'm gonna get u,
I'm, gonna get u
Gonna get u, gonna make u my baby.

Cuz I'm a shooting star, I was a suped up star


7 days she made we weak
2 daized to even speak
Tueday had two left feet
Must be trippin

Be a maze to even reach
Be amazed to even reach
B, she may seem hard to reach
it's 'cause I'm slippin

Now if u (see me fall)
Then u have (seen it all )
(Take it from the one who thought love, was something only fools just spoke of)

 Ask for change expect some cents
What was strange once now makes sense
Never in vain now ever since
I strive to speak it into


And here u are, my wildest dream
This SupaStahh's, not what he seems
I've read my scars, n what they mean
The one I want
does not want me

And here u are, my wildest dream
Your SupaStahh's, not what he seems
I've read my scars, n what they mean
The one I Love
does not Love me

Falling falling falling falling

Ever Falling, ever falling

look at me
I'm a fraud
look at me shining star still ignored
brand new gear all store bought
look at me
been around the block and abroad and still aint got shit to show for it
look at me
pretending to be pragamtic possibly paranoid its all white noise and static
possibility of becoming exposed becoming problematic
probability is mathematic
it's just a matter of time
I'm saying, just look at it
look at me
still flippin words like gymnastics
like my tongue tatics fantastic with forward and backward tucks,
flowing like aqueducts, trying to mask hurts and how I secretly believe my rappin sucks

I should just write for the real me who conceals the pain and fear and insecurities that plagues my being
inside and out
I may look altogether but I'm just a shell hollow inside and outsmarting those who think they know cuz I'm from the same cloth or path or route
look at me
To her
I'm apparently transparent

look who i've become
hiding deciding I seem stronger if i rep where I'm from
I say it as though it's my first and last name
my claim to reputable fame
maybe the louder I get the prouder I may feel
but it aint where u from its where u at
and where Im at is this dark space this unlit space void of energy
avoiding synergy to enter me and that's what's real
Look at me
When i focus, I notice whatever my Prognosis, it usually results With
Self diagnosis and just when I think I'm closest to close this a new turmoiltulous opus opens at its solstice
Vicious cycle
 Makes me hopeless
Half battered haphazard
I Laugh at it always played
Charismatic n precocious
Defense mechanisms methodically pragmatic n ferocious
I have issues with closeness
My biological broke this
He Bounced before I could walk
And by the time I could talk I only knew him as that wino my grandparents would help out from time to time yo whenever I came over on weekends because he was homeless
Didn't kno I came from him till I was about 8 or 9
 and I'd only seen him a few times 
and by 12 I remember he gave me a dollar I hv yet to spend
I held on to it until I lost it
Saw him at my grandfathers funeral where I felt ostracized because I was young n dumb n took for granted my grandfather would always be there for life, by my side
So my phone calls and visits to him had been far n few between n I almost screamed n made a scene when they told me he asked for me from his deathbed.
Please find Keith,he said.  till this day it still fks with my head
Biological contacted me 6 yrs later From some institution
Said he saw me on tv, said he was proud, it was so confusing
and then he said I hope u dont hate me,
I told him nah,
i asked him if I had any siblings,
he said nah Keith, I just made you baby. 
we exchanged pleasantries and ended our flow, that was about
16 yrs ago
Look at my
my empty nest is left
a filthy mess
lined with lost souls I have collected in vain
designed to insulate.
cold and pure pain pumping thru my veins
a lost soul guiding others to my cross roads which I myself refuse to venture. I just rest here patiently waitng procrastinating decision making
a coward in a hero's guise
I cower under hero's pride
pretending my power is to protect and guide
instead its a dude in a rented suit spittin hollow truths and empty lies
To summarize
I make an effort some of the time to get up and look down the road a stretch
stretching my neck peering at the roads right and left where they connect
But now I just point in the direction frontn like my direction will provide protection secretly jealousy admiring their own foolish bravery thinking I'm saving them instead they are saving me
showing me I too can climb if I lead with my heart when I free my mind
its painful to pronounce
too painful to even print out
but if I am to change I must refrain from the same mundane game
like I front like I know what the fk I'm talkn bout 
look at me
Stupid Star


from TRANSITIONS, released October 24, 2014
Vocals-K.Middleton, Ryan Pinkston, "Double R", Pepe Willie, Clarence Collins

Bass-Reuben Cainer
Drums - Lenny "The Ox" Reece
Percussion- Davi Vieira
Keys- Christian Almiron, K Middleton
Guitar- Kappa Tanabe
Trumpet- Miki Hirose
Scatchn- DJ Hillel

mixed-Tim Friesen
Mastered- AJ Tissian



all rights reserved


Keith WildChild Middleton Brooklyn, New York

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