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That Kiss ft. Latoya Kennedy

from by Keith WildChild Middleton

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This is actually part two to Brasilian Skies. In a way, it sums up their love in a Kiss.
That Kiss. It is so dynamic. That Kiss is Epic.


When I'm with you, I feel so amazing
Your love's unreal, takes me, to another place
Don't stop, come on, so strong, I get so exited
mere words just can't explain what's in my heart


the fact is looking at this front or backwards, inside or outside, however it's

accessed, it all boils down to 2 words..That Kiss

It combines us, it defines us, it reminds us, it aligns us, it actually astrologically

zodiac signs us.

(and I love the way you kiss me)

Placing out legendary love amongst celestial neighbors,

west of Orion's Belt, South of Ursur Major where they'll find us, indulging in what started it all, that kiss..

Epic at best, skeptics can a test to all stories told as they unfold whilst gazing up at

our love twinkling there in the bed of night centuries old..

(kissing you, kissing you, kiss me)

Brazen and bold, emblazoned in gold, that kiss

Generating invigorating radiance, that kiss,

stimulating yet demonstrating patience, thats that kiss

Its so specific, so complex yet simplistic in any context

we are blessed that kiss is us and we are so gifted,


Your Kiss is all I need, (You give good lovin)

Just Like the air I breathe, (Keep it comin)

I need you next to me (let me tell you something)

You're all I need...

When I'm with you I feel, So Amazing

So much history in the myth of that kiss

So many mysteries n that misty joyous abyss of that kiss

we laugh in that kiss we cry in that kiss

(and I love the way you kiss me)

we live and we die by that kiss

we oooo in that kiss, we make love in that kiss

we talk for hours and hours

get lost and devoured in that kiss

get found in that kiss

feel joy in heaps in mounds, always making new leaps and bounds with that kiss

feel sadness without that kiss

real madness is that kiss

we make up with that kiss, we dream to wake up to that kiss

we romance with that kiss, our souls dance with that kiss, we hold hands with that kiss,

you make me feel like a man with that kiss

(kissing you, kissing you, kiss me)

we both understand that kiss is so unique, we need not speak of that


you give me strength with that kiss, you make me weak with that kiss


Your Kiss is all I need, (You give good lovin)

It's Like the air I breathe, (Keep it comin)

you are my destiny (let me tell you something)

You're all I need…kiss me baby, kiss me baby

Right Here (Here) There's a space for you

Right here (Here) Made a place for you

and don't you worry 'bout a thing I got you baby

(don't u worry bout a thing, )

I got you


from TRANSITIONS, released October 24, 2014
Vocals- K. Middleton, Latoya Kennedy

Bass- Reuben Cainer
Drums- Lenny "The Ox" Reece
Guitar- Kappa Tanabe
Keys- Christian Almiron. K. Middleton
Percussion- K. Middleton

mixed-Tim Friesen
Mastered- AJ Tissian



all rights reserved


Keith WildChild Middleton Brooklyn, New York

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