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Actions speak louder than words.


A passage from one form, style, subject or place to another. I'd hoped we'd both have clean slates when we made our transitions towards each other & when I let u discover that I

love you

I tried my best which is all that I know
I gave u my all & I let it flow
prayed to the most high to swing down low to carry us in his chariot just to let it show that I

love you

now I'm at a stalemate, damned if I do or don't there's no fail safe
and I haven't felt safe or even in first place
and I wasn't prepared for this worst case when I told u that I

love you

when in love u can't help but convey
actions speak louder than words is what they say
and my actions broke barriers of sound
spoke in volumes u never asked me to turn down
your face so profound when I said I

love you

couldn't put my finger on it
wrap my mind around it, had to linger on it, took my time and found it
we weren't as grounded as I thought we were
what u led me to believe and see was just a blur
but its been a blessing
to be able to communicate with u without any stressing
but matters of the heart I'm guessing were matters that were too dark or too hard to be confessing or both or more
especially towards me who's all about addressing it the core
thought by pressing we'd endure
simply suggesting we explore
had u building walls and closing doors

love you

I know what u like, I've got what u need and whenever u want it baby girl its garaunteed
u won't have to worry, my loves always here, just make a wish and baby girl I shall appear

love you

those were the words I'd whisper in your ear
before it all turned & I wish we weren't here
but whatever He did it prevented u to hear no matter how loud or how clear whenever I said that I

love you

days grew short while nights grew long
tried everything but treat u wrong
so if by now u r hearing this song then by now u probably notice I'm gone.


from TRANSITIONS, released October 24, 2014
Vocals- K. Middleton Double R
S. Marshall

Keys- K. Middleton, Christian Almiron

mixed- Dan Weiner
Mastered- AJ Tissian



all rights reserved


Keith WildChild Middleton Brooklyn, New York

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